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Achieve Peak Military Readiness

Ensure Military Preparedness and Mission Readiness with DefenseReady

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Manage Military Human Resources and Assets With Ease 

DefenseReady revolutionizes military workforce management by providing a powerful suite of capabilities designed to optimize how you manage and deploy your people and assets. 


From streamlined personnel management and efficient task coordination to advanced training, integrated healthcare, and transparent financial management, our solution empowers you to achieve mission success with unparalleled effectiveness. Experience enhanced operational efficiency, reduced administrative burdens, and increased readiness, allowing you to focus on accomplishing your mission objectives with confidence.

Defending with Efficiency: Explore the Features of DefenseReady

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Manage and Update Military Personnel Records from Recruitment to Evals

We adopt a people-centric approach, meticulously tracking thousands of attributes related to individuals, including their training, career, security, and other crucial aspects. DefenseReady automates and simplifies the complex processes involved in managing military personnel, from recruitment and onboarding to performance evaluation and career progression. Say goodbye to paperwork and administrative burdens, and focus on optimizing your human resources.

With dynamic dashboards, track trends and visualize data through charts and graphs, gaining valuable context from anywhere within the system. Streamline workflows with self-reporting, enabling you to submit and approve essential information, ensuring accurate and up-to-date records. Efficiently manage tasks and actions through the intuitive My Data Queues, tracking crucial activities related to boards, awards, evals, training, and more. Ensure data integrity with robust data validation capabilities, reviewing and verifying critical information such as service records and training. From real-world and exercise incident details to managing checklists and visit requests, DefenseReady provides a comprehensive solution tailored to the unique needs of military organizations.

Optimize Workplace Operations and Enhance Decision-Making

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Next-Level Military Training Tools and Technology

Get robust training management capabilities, including scheduling, resource allocation, performance tracking, and reporting. Empower your personnel with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles, while maximizing the use of training resources. Seamlessly bridge knowledge gaps and ensure training excellence, and keep track of everything from physical fitness to skills and certifications such as those for DoD 8140. Leverage the Course Launcher to facilitate web-based training tasks and easily track completion status. Manage instructor-led courses, classrooms and students. Empower your personnel with My Training, a self-serve area where they can access their training records, launch web-based courses, and download certificates.

Our integrated healthcare solution revolutionizes military medical services by seamlessly integrating medical records, appointment scheduling, and resource management. Empower healthcare providers with quick access to critical patient information, enhancing medical readiness and improving overall field medical support. With features such as comprehensive medical profiles, vaccination management, clinic scheduling, and injury tracking, our solution optimizes healthcare delivery, ensuring efficient and effective medical support for military personnel.

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Manage Military Health Records With Integrated Medical Solutions

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Achieve Transparent and Efficient Financial Management

Transform your financial management processes with DefenseReady's secure and auditable solution. Simplify tracking and management of finance-related attributes with Finance Files, including special pay and government credit cards. Efficiently monitor government credit card types, budgets, contracts, and credit card usage. With Budgets and Budget Items, gain granular visibility into fiscal year budgets and associated allocations. Seamlessly track contractors and subcontractor details tied to contracts. Achieve streamlined financial operations, enhanced accountability, and optimized resource allocation for military operations.

Achieve comprehensive asset tracking and maintenance capabilities. Gain complete visibility and control over military assets, including equipment, vehicles, and supplies. Our solution enables optimized asset utilization, timely maintenance, and repair management. Enhance operational efficiency and readiness by accessing real-time asset information. With end-to-end tracking, monitor authorized equipment, asset levels, locations, owners, and more. Streamline logistics and ensure the optimal management of military assets to support mission success.

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Military Asset Management, Tracking and Maintenance

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Enhance Role Based Security and Clearance Tracking

DefenseReady prioritizes robust security and access control to safeguard military systems and sensitive information. Our solution incorporates multi-factor authentication, access controls, and encryption mechanisms. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access critical resources, maintaining operational security and mitigating cyber threats. With features such as tracking clearance levels, foreign travels, security incidents, security screening and adjudication, badges, special access programs, visit requests and sensitive items, DefenseReady provides comprehensive security measures for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Leverage comprehensive mission planning and execution capabilities to enhance situational awareness and drive informed decision-making. Our solution integrates real-time intelligence, collaborative planning tools, and mission analysis features, empowering you to optimize mission success rates. With features such as tracking member categories, task forces, readiness files, and unit calendars, DefenseReady enables seamless coordination, efficient task assignment, and effective resource allocation for streamlined mission operations. Benefit from improved situational understanding and enhanced operational efficiency through robust information sharing and advanced planning capabilities.

Improve Military Mission Readiness

Track and Manage the Human, the Hardware and the Process

DefenseReady revolutionizes military workforce management by providing a powerful suite of capabilities designed to optimize how you manage and deploy your people and assets. 


In a world drowning in information, finding answers shouldn't be a daunting task. Permuta's DefenseReady solution is here to empower military and DoD organizations by cutting through the information fog and providing clear, concise answers when you need them most.


Single Source of Truth:

Gone are the days of fragmented data silos and scattered information. With DefenseReady, you gain access to a secure, singular environment and platform that acts as your trusted single source of truth. Say goodbye to the frustration of collating data from multiple teams, disparate systems, and outdated sources. Our purpose-built solution eliminates the need for manual data extraction, saving you valuable time and resources.


Your System of Systems:

DefenseReady seamlessly integrates various systems and processes, creating a robust system of systems tailored to the unique needs of military and DoD organizations. With our enterprise data environment, you can make informed decisions with confidence, backed by real-time, accurate data.


Save Time and Effort:

Efficiency is the cornerstone of DefenseReady. Our proven apps, streamlined workflows, and time-saving tools have been meticulously designed to optimize your processes and eliminate unnecessary complexities. From managing personnel and assets to ensuring top-notch security and executing critical missions, DefenseReady empowers you to effectively navigate getting the right people, to the right place, at the right time.


From Chaos to Clarity:

Experience a transformation from chaos to clarity with DefenseReady. Discover the power of having the right answers at your fingertips, unlocking a new era of efficiency, effectiveness, and mission success. Join the ranks of military and DoD organizations that trust Permuta to deliver unparalleled capabilities, enabling them to achieve their objectives with confidence.

How to Purchase Permuta

Check out the contract vehicles you can use to purchase our FedRAMP compliant solutions.

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Permuta is listed on multiple contract vehicles, and can be found through our distributer GovSmart.

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Improve Preparedness and Performance With Permuta’s Readiness Solutions

Take Your Performance to the Next Level! Connect with Permuta's Sales Team Today and Discover How Our Readiness Solutions Can Drive Your Preparedness and Success to Unprecedented Heights. Don't Wait, Make the Smart Move Now!

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