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Elevate Federal Readiness

Ensure Organizational Preparedness and
Operational Readiness with FederalReady

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Effortlessly Streamline Federal Human Resources and Asset Management

FederalReady transforms how you manage and deploy your workforce and assets with its comprehensive suite of capabilities. 


Experience a new level of efficiency in personnel management, task coordination, advanced training, integrated healthcare, and transparent financial management tailored to federal agencies and organizations. Increase operational effectiveness, minimize administrative overhead, and boost readiness to confidently accomplish your objectives. Empower your team with FederalReady for unparalleled performance and success.

Empowering Federal Agencies:
Uncover the Capabilities of FederalReady

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Manage and Update Federal Personnel Records from Recruitment to Evals

From recruitment and evaluations to training and career progression, our solution simplifies the complexities of personnel management. With automated processes, paperless workflows, and a user-friendly interface, FederalReady enables federal organizations to optimize their human resources efficiently. Say goodbye to administrative burdens and embrace streamlined workforce management with FederalReady.

FederalReady optimizes federal agencies' operations, enabling data-driven decisions. Dynamic dashboards visualize trends, accessible from anywhere. Streamline workflows with self-reporting for seamless submission and approval of critical information. Manage tasks and actions through intuitive My Data Queues, overseeing boards, awards, evaluations, training, and more. Data validation ensures accurate records. From checklists to visit requests, track incidents and casualties. FederalReady empowers federal agencies with a comprehensive solution tailored to their unique needs.

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Enhance Workplace Efficiency and Decisions with FederalReady

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Empower Training Excellence for Government Agencies with FederalReady

FederalReady delivers advanced training management capabilities, streamlining scheduling, resource allocation, performance tracking, and reporting. Equip your personnel with the knowledge and skills essential for their roles, maximizing training resources utilization. Seamlessly bridge knowledge gaps and ensure training excellence by tracking skills, qualifications, and certifications. Leverage the Course Launcher for web-based training tasks and effortlessly monitor completion status. Empower your personnel through My Training, granting access to training records, web-based courses, and downloadable certificates in a self-serve environment. Take federal training to the next level with FederalReady.

Seamlessly integrating medical records, appointment scheduling, and resource management, FederalReady empowers healthcare providers with quick access to critical patient information. Enhance medical readiness and improve field medical support with features like comprehensive medical profiles, vaccination management, clinic scheduling, and injury tracking. Optimize healthcare delivery and ensure efficient and effective medical support for government personnel with our advanced solution.

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Revolutionize Employee Medical Record Management

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Implement Integrated Medical Solutions

Our integrated healthcare solution empowers government medical services by seamlessly integrating medical records, appointment scheduling, and resource management. Empower healthcare providers with quick access to critical patient information, enhancing medical readiness and improving overall field medical support. With features such as comprehensive medical profiles, vaccination management, clinic scheduling, and injury tracking, our solution optimizes healthcare delivery, ensuring efficient and effective medical support for government personnel.

Achieve comprehensive asset tracking and maintenance capabilities with FederalReady. Gain complete visibility and control over government assets, including equipment, vehicles, and supplies. Our solution enables optimized asset utilization, timely maintenance, and repair management. Enhance operational efficiency and readiness by accessing real-time asset information. With end-to-end tracking, monitor authorized equipment, asset levels, locations, owners, and more. Streamline logistics and ensure optimal management of government assets to support success.

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Streamline Asset Management, Tracking, and Maintenance

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Get Secure Access Control and Clearance Tracking

FederalReady prioritizes robust security and access control to safeguard government systems and sensitive information. Our solution incorporates multi-factor authentication, access controls, and encryption mechanisms. This ensures that only authorized personnel can access critical resources, maintaining operational security and mitigating cyber threats. With features such as tracking clearance levels, foreign travels, security incidents, and sensitive items, FederalReady provides comprehensive security measures for enhanced protection and peace of mind.

Leverage comprehensive planning and execution capabilities to improve operational preparedness and drive informed decision-making for government agencies. Our solution integrates real-time intelligence, collaborative planning tools, and analysis features, empowering you to optimize success rates in achieving objectives. With features such as tracking agency categories, task forces, readiness files, and organizational calendars, FederalReady enables seamless coordination, efficient task assignment, and effective resource allocation for streamlined operations. Benefit from improved situational understanding and enhanced operational efficiency through robust information sharing and advanced planning capabilities.

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Enhance Government Agency Readiness

Track and Manage the Human, the Hardware and the Process

In an era of information abundance, harnessing the full potential of your organization shouldn't feel like an uphill battle. FederalReady empowers government agencies by unlocking the synergy between human expertise, cutting-edge technology, and streamlined processes, moving you into a new era of efficient decision-making and optimal performance.


A Unified Source of Reliable Information:

Embrace the era of consolidated data and seamless information flow with FederalReady. Our solution serves as your trusted and unified source of reliable information, eliminating the challenges of fragmented data silos and scattered resources. Say goodbye to manual data collation from disparate teams and outdated systems. With FederalReady, access real-time, comprehensive data effortlessly, saving you valuable time and resources.


An Integrated Ecosystem for Optimal Performance:

FederalReady seamlessly integrates diverse systems and processes, creating a dynamic ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of government agencies. Embrace our enterprise data environment and make informed decisions with utmost confidence, backed by accurate, up-to-date information.


Efficiency Redefined for Time and Resource Savings:

Efficiency lies at the core of FederalReady. Our purpose-built apps, streamlined workflows, and productivity-enhancing tools are meticulously crafted to optimize your processes and eliminate unnecessary complexities. From personnel management to asset tracking, security assurance to mission execution, FederalReady empowers you to navigate efficiently, ensuring the right people are in the right place at the right time.


From Complexity to Clarity:

Experience a paradigm shift from complexity to clarity with FederalReady. Unlock the power of instant access to accurate information, ushering in a new era of efficiency, effectiveness, and successful outcomes. Join the league of government agencies that trust Permuta to deliver unmatched capabilities, enabling them to achieve their objectives with unwavering confidence.

How to Purchase Permuta

From how you buy Permuta to the support you receive while using FederalReady, we work closely with our partners to deliver you the best experience possible at all times.

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Permuta is listed on multiple contract vehicles, and can be found through our distributer GovSmart.

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Get Started With FederalReady

Join the ranks of top-performing government agencies who trust FederalReady for achieving operational excellence. Request a demo or contact our team to embark on your journey towards unparalleled readiness and success in the realm of public service.

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