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Military & Federal
Organizational Readiness  

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Transforming Military and Federal Operations with Advanced, Secure, and User-Friendly COTS Solutions

Permuta offers advanced, secure, user-friendly COTS products for military and federal agencies, addressing various workforce challenges in HR, operations, training, security, medical, assets, and more. Our application bundles, DefenseReady and FederalReady, are available through multiple contracts and can operate on-site or in a compliant IL5 DoD cloud.

Workforce & Asset Management Software.

Proven To Enhance Readiness & Decision Making.

COTS Software For Military & Federal Civilian Agencies.

Hosted In A Fedramp Compliant Il6 Dod Cloud Or Lower.

About Permuta

We Are Proud To Work With

Since 1999, Permuta has been teaming up with leading military and federal civilian agencies, providing them with robust software solutions to enhance workforce and asset management, ensuring mission readiness and operational efficiency.

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Explore Our Readiness Solutions

Our COTS solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of US military and civilian organizations, empowering you to

put the right people in the right place, at the right time

DefenseReady empowers military units with a comprehensive suite of apps, while FederalReady equips three-letter agencies and other federal organizations with specialized tools for seamless operations and enhanced decision-making.

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You can effortlessly manage military human resources and assets with Permuta's DefenseReady software solutions tailored for Department of Defense.


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FederalReady transforms how you manage and deploy your workforce and assets with its comprehensive suite of capabilities tailored for Federal Agencies.


Permutas Readiness Solutions

See How Permuta Enables 
Mission Readiness and Operational Effectiveness

When leaders need answers, they need them fast. Permuta means leaving disparate systems and spreadsheets behind, so you can replace hours of manual data wrangling with the power to enable fast decision making.


From the human to the hardware, and the processes required to keep up to date information at your fingertips, Permuta provides you with a single source of truth.

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Permuta's Hire to Retire capability provides a comprehensive suite of HR apps for government and defense organizations. It includes personnel tracking, candidate tracking, career placement insight, award and evaluation management, talent management, and more, for all military branches including civil service and contractors.



Permuta's Workplace capability streamlines record management and facilitates efficient actions. With dynamic Dashboards, customizable Reports, and user-friendly tools like Recon and Form Center, you can track trends, generate insightful visualizations, and automate form filling.



Fix knowledge gaps, track, and certify with tools to manage training and certification processes across on-the-job and web-based training. Schedule events, manage training plans, track instructors and qualification levels and more. Leverage this module to streamline your DoD 8140 compliance tracking.



Manage medical readiness and human performance data with features such as tracking medical files, maintaining medical screening records, managing medical exams and profiles, and monitoring vaccinations to ensure accurate and up-to-date medical readiness tracking.



Streamline and optimize financial management. Manage various types of special pay efficiently, easily monitor government credit cards and import transaction statements. Track and manage budgets and costs, track contractor information for streamlined contract management.



Manage your organizational assets across individual and bulk issues, including weapons, fleet vehicles, and aircraft. Keep track of stock-age, manage inventory and ordering, and stay on top of maintenance and inspections for seamless asset management operations.



Simplify personnel security, sensitive items, and incident tracking. Manage and monitor security clearances, access permissions, foreign travels, foreign contacts, personal firearms, courier orders, security incidents, sensitive items, information systems, visit requests, visitor access, and gain security files.



Ensure teams, equipment and more are mission ready. Track member readiness, source task forces, and coordinate staff actions. Streamline request for forces (RFF) sourcing, utilize templates and a searchable unit calendar for advanced planning and expedite task force set-up.

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What Our Clients Say

A significant number of Permuta employees are veterans. 

We see it as our duty and mission to provide valuable tools to get the job done. 

We’ve walked in your shoes, endured similar challenges, and are proud to 

provide solutions that fulfill a meaningful purpose.


“DefenseReady has given us the ability to see our organization in a way we never have..."

United States Army

Special Operations Command

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“DefenseReady has allowed us to use our data instead of just collecting it."

United States Air Force


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Permuta takes great pride in its workforce, as over 70% of our team consists of veterans. This valuable experience forms the foundation of our solutions, enabling us to empower your operational excellence with a deep understanding of real-world challenges and effective strategies. With Permuta, you can trust that our solutions are forged from experience and designed to drive your success.

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How to Purchase Permuta

Check out the contract vehicles you can use to purchase our FedRAMP compliant solutions.

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Permuta is listed on multiple contract vehicles, and can be found through our distributer GovSmart.

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Improve Preparedness and Performance With Permuta’s Readiness Solutions

Take Your Performance to the Next Level! Connect with Permuta's Sales Team Today and Discover How Our Readiness Solutions Can Drive Your Preparedness and Success to Unprecedented Heights. Don't Wait, Make the Smart Move Now!

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