Workforce Management

Our solution is a cutting-edge workforce management software uniquely tailored for the Military, Federal, and Civilian sectors. This platform revolutionizes military workforce management by offering comprehensive, integrated solutions that cater to the specific needs of military personnel and organizational units. Here’s how Permuta handles Workforce Management in its solution and what is offered:


Optimized Personnel Management in Military, Federal, and Civilian

Centralized Personnel Profiles

Our solution streamlines personnel management by consolidating detailed profiles, including career history, qualifications, and personal data.

Career Development Tools

The platform enhances career progression with tools for tracking evaluations, awards, and career path planning, crucial for military, federal, and civilian personnel development

Integrated Workforce and Files Management

Our solution integrates various personnel files across military branches, contractors, augmentees, civil service and foreign coalitions offering a centralized data management system.

Accessible, Real-Time Personnel Data

It provides immediate access to essential personnel information, aiding commanders and HR managers in strategic decision-making. Efficient Billet Management for Military, Federal, and Civilian preparedness.

Billet Vacancy Identification and Assignment

The software efficiently identifies and fills billet vacancies, aligning personnel with suitable roles based on skills and career aspirations.

Proactive Billet Projections

Our solution aids in forecasting future billet needs, facilitating strategic planning and military, federal, and civilian readiness.


Our solutions revolutionize recruiting by optimizing talent acquisition processes, from sourcing to onboarding, ensuring the right fit for government and military positions

Talent Management

Our solution offers comprehensive talent management capabilities, enabling organizations to effectively develop, retain, and utilize their workforce to meet strategic objectives.


Our solution streamlines the onboarding process with efficient, automated workflows, ensuring new hires in government and military sectors are quickly integrated and mission-ready.

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Advanced Organizational Unit Management

Detailed Organizational Structure

The platform manages the intricate structure of military, federal, and civilian units, ensuring clarity in hierarchy and composition.

Optimal Personnel Allocation

It ensures personnel are strategically allocated across units, enhancing operational effectiveness.

Training and Readiness Enhancement

Comprehensive Training Management

Our solution oversees training schedules, ensuring personnel meet essential certifications and qualifications

Readiness Evaluation

The platform assesses readiness status for missions, ensuring units and individuals are fully prepared for deployment.


Key Benefits of our solution in Workforce Management:

Streamlined Personnel Administration: It simplifies complex military, federal, and civilian personnel management processes, leading to time savings and reduced administrative efforts.

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Boosted Operational Readiness

By placing the right personnel in the right roles, our solution significantly improves the readiness and responsiveness of military, federal, and civilian units.

Informed Decision-Making Through Data

The software equips military, federal, and civilian leaders with real-time data and analytics, fostering data-driven decisions.

Compliance and Uniformity

Our solution adheres to military, federal, and civilian standards in personnel and organizational management.

Scalable and Adaptable Solutions

Tailorable to various military, federal, and civilian branches and units, the platform is scalable for diverse operational needs.

In conclusion, our solution stands as a pivotal solution for workforce management regarding military, federal, and civilian agencies, effectively bridging the gap between personnel administration and operational readiness. Its comprehensive suite of tools ensures that military, federal, and civilian organizations are well-equipped to manage their workforce efficiently, adapt to evolving operational demands, and maintain a high state of readiness.