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Permuta Technologies extends its innovative solutions to the civilian market, offering FederalReady as a versatile suite designed to address the distinct challenges faced by federal and civilian agencies. Here’s how Permuta’s solutions empower this vital market:

Comprehensive Workforce Management

Permuta’s FederalReady suite offers a robust set of tools tailored for the civilian workforce, enabling effective management of personnel from hiring through retirement. This includes streamlining processes such as onboarding, training, career progression, and retirement planning. By optimizing these processes, Permuta helps civilian agencies maintain a highly skilled and engaged workforce, ready to meet the demands of their mission-critical tasks.


Enhanced Incident and Crisis Management

With a focus on readiness and rapid response, FederalReady equips agencies with the tools needed to manage incidents and emergencies effectively. Utilizing Augmented Intelligence, the suite allows for quick assessment of team capabilities and resource allocation, ensuring that civilian agencies can respond swiftly and efficiently to any situation. This capability is crucial for maintaining public safety and operational continuity in times of crisis.

Secure and Compliant Data Management

Recognizing the importance of data security and compliance in the civilian market, Permuta offers solutions that are both secure and customizable. FederalReady provides a secure platform for managing sensitive information, ensuring compliance with federal regulations and standards. This secure data environment, combined with the suite’s modular design, allows agencies to tailor the solution to their specific needs while adhering to security and compliance requirements.


By addressing these key areas, Permuta’s solutions for the civilian market demonstrate a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by federal civilian agencies. FederalReady not only enhances operational efficiency and workforce management but also ensures readiness and security, making it an invaluable tool for agencies aiming to improve their service delivery and operational capabilities. This highlights Permuta’s commitment to delivering cutting-edge, tailored solutions that empower the civilian market to achieve their strategic goals with enhanced efficiency and reliability.