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Our solution offers a sophisticated solution for managing security aspects within the Military, Federal, and Civilian sectors. This platform is specifically designed to address the complex challenges of military, federal, and civilian security management, ensuring the safety and protection of personnel, information, and assets. Here’s how Permuta handles Security in its solution and what is offered:

Comprehensive Security Management in
Military, Federal, and Civilian Operations


Centralized Security Data

Our solution maintains a unified system for managing security-related data, including personnel clearances, facility access, and security incidents.


Real-Time Security Monitoring

Offers real-time tracking of security statuses, access controls, and incident reports, crucial for maintaining a secure operational environment.

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Enhanced Protection and Risk Management

Security Clearance Adjudication Management

Manages and tracks security clearances of personnel, ensuring that access to sensitive information and areas is appropriately controlled.

Incident Response and Tracking

Facilitates efficient handling and tracking of security incidents, from reporting to resolution, enhancing overall security responsiveness.

Foreign Travel, Foreign Contacts, Incidents, Reporting.

Facilitates efficient handling and tracking of Foreign Travel, Foreign Contacts, Incidents, Reporting.

Streamlining Security Operations and Compliance

Automated Security Processes

Automates key security processes like visitor management, badge issuance, and access logs, improving efficiency and accuracy.

Compliance with Military, Federal, and Civilian Security Standards

Ensures adherence to strict military security protocols and regulations, maintaining high levels of compliance and protection.

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Solving Key Challenges in Military, Federal, and Civilian Security Management

Proactive Threat Detection and Response

Provides tools for proactive monitoring and quick response to security threats, reducing potential risks.

Access Control and Visitor Management

Enhances control over facility access and visitor management, safeguarding military, federal, and civilian installations and assets.

Data Security and Confidentiality

Implements robust measures to protect sensitive data and maintain confidentiality, crucial in military, federal, and civilian settings.

Integrated Security Decision-Making

Integrates security data into broader operational planning, ensuring that security considerations are central to decision-making processes.

In conclusion, our solution serves as a critical tool in the realm of military, federal, and civilian security management. By offering a comprehensive suite of tools for security monitoring, incident management, and compliance, our solution ensures that military organizations can maintain a secure and protected operational environment. This platform reflects Permuta’s commitment to delivering solutions that cater to the specific security management needs of the U.S. Department of Defense, emphasizing the importance of robust security measures in preserving national security and military, federal, and civilian effectiveness.