Track and Manage the Human, the Hardware and the Process

Permuta joins forces with leadership to help assist in risk management, planning, and critical decision-making. Helping you manage people, readiness, and availability to tackle any situation.

Providing innovative technology that is advanced, secure, and user-friendly. Our application bundles human assets, hardware, and processes to ensure seamless operations and enhanced decision-making.

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Our Market

Permuta enhances departments that need to reach operational excellence, with our developed technology to help you manage and unleash talent, equipment, and processes.

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Soldiers are Using Laptop Computer for Surveillance

Defending with Efficiency: Explore the Features of DefenseReady

We adopt a people-centric approach, meticulously tracking thousands of attributes related to individuals, including their training, career, security, and other crucial aspects. DefenseReady automates and simplifies the complex processes involved in managing military personnel, from recruitment and onboarding to performance evaluation and career progression.
Say goodbye to paperwork and administrative burdens, and focus on optimizing your human resources.