What is our solution?

Our solution is DefenseReady/FederalReady, a modular and customizable suite of application solutions specifically designed for the U.S. Department of Defense (military, federal, and civilian sectors), related military services, and civilian/federal agencies, integrating various functional areas such as Human Resources, Training, Asset Management, Security, Medical, and more.

Who is our solution intended for?

It is tailored for the U.S. Department of Defense, related military services, and civilian/federal agencies focusing on personnel management, workforce, management, training management and operational readiness.

What are the key features of our solution?

Our solution stands out in the realm of workforce management with its comprehensive set of features, uniquely tailored to the needs of military and government agencies. Developed by a team rich in military experience, it brings a profound understanding of the sector’s specific challenges and requirements. This experience is backed by two decades of dedicated service in the field, underscoring our commitment and expertise. At the heart of our solution are key functionalities like robust workforce management, covering the entire spectrum from talent acquisition to retirement. It includes advanced training management systems, ensuring personnel are always equipped with the latest skills and knowledge. Asset management is another cornerstone, ensuring efficient handling of equipment and logistics, critical for operational success. Operational readiness tracking and dedicated security management are integral, providing tools for assessing readiness levels and managing security aspects like clearances and facility authorizations. The real-time insights and dashboards empower decision-makers with timely, data-driven information, crucial for strategic decisions. What sets us apart is not just our features but our approach. The buy vs. build advantage of our solution offers rapid deployment, reduced risks, and cost-effectiveness compared to custom development. Our 20-year journey in the business demonstrates a legacy of reliability and innovation. The people-centric approach of our design ensures that our solutions are not just effective but also intuitive and easy to use. In essence, our software is uniquely positioned in the market due to its veteran-led development, comprehensive capabilities, and a deep understanding of military and government operations. It exemplifies our commitment to placing the right people in the right positions at the right time, ensuring operational efficiency and mission success.

How does our solution ensure data security and compliance?

Our solution is built on a secure platform compatible with Microsoft Dynamics 365/Power Platform, ensuring seamless integration with existing systems and data sources. It meets specific security requirements for military applications, including options for IL5 and IL6 cloud availability.

Can our solution be customized to meet specific organizational needs?

Yes, our solution offers significant customization capabilities to meet specific organizational needs, primarily due to its modular design and low-code/no-code development environment. Our solution was originally built from the needs of the government, therefore, many if not most features will solve organizational needs right out-of-the-box. Our modular solution allows organizations to choose and implement only those features and functionalities that are pertinent to their specific operational requirements. This enables a highly tailored approach, ensuring that the software aligns perfectly with the unique challenges and workflows of the organization. Furthermore, the low-code/no-code aspect of our solution significantly enhances its adaptability. This feature empowers users, particularly those without extensive programming skills, to customize and extend the platform’s functionalities. Users can create or modify applications, workflows, and processes using user-friendly, drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built templates. This not only accelerates the deployment and adaptation of the software but also fosters a more inclusive environment where non-technical staff can contribute to developing solutions that closely match the organization’s needs.

Is our solution compatible with other systems?

Yes, our solution is highly compatible with other systems. It is built on Microsoft’s Power Platform, which enables seamless integration with a wide array of Microsoft products, including Dynamics 365, Office 365, and Azure services. Additionally, our product is enriched with numerous APIs that connect with various systems of record. This extensive integration capability positions our solution as a single source of truth for our customers, ensuring a centralized, reliable, and comprehensive data repository that supports all their operational needs.

How does our solution support operational readiness?

Our solution is specifically designed to support operational readiness by enabling comprehensive tracking, querying, assessing, and visualizing of readiness factors for individuals, teams, and units. This is crucial for ensuring mission preparedness and effective response. We achieve this by meticulously tracking over 3000 attributes, which allows for a detailed and nuanced understanding of various readiness aspects. Our focus is not just limited to the human element, but extends to encompass hardware and processes, forming a triad that is essential for success. This holistic approach ensures that all critical components of operational readiness are monitored and managed effectively, providing a robust platform for decision-makers to maintain high levels of preparedness and respond swiftly and efficiently to any mission requirements.

What deployment options are available for our solution?

Our solution offers deployment in secure cloud environments as well as on-premises, ensuring alignment with military-grade security and compliance standards. Importantly, it is FedRAMP, IL5, and IL6 compliant, showcasing our commitment to adhering to the highest levels of security protocols. This compliance underscores the reliability of our solution in handling sensitive data and operations, making it a trustworthy choice for environments that demand stringent security measures. Whether deployed in the cloud or on-premises, our solution provides a secure, robust platform that meets the critical security and compliance requirements of military and federal agencies.

How user-friendly is the our solution interface?

Our solution is designed with a human-centered approach, focusing on intuitive use and effectiveness in military and defense-related tasks.

What kind of support and training does Permuta provide for our solution?

Permuta offers comprehensive support and training for our solution, ensuring that users can maximize the benefits of the platform. This includes technical support, user training sessions, and customized assistance based on the specific needs of the organization.

What are the low-code/no-code capabilities of our solution, and how do they benefit users?

Our solution’s low-code/no-code capabilities allow users to customize and extend the functionality of the platform without the need for extensive programming knowledge. These features enable users, particularly those in military and defense organizations, to quickly adapt the software to meet their unique operational needs. With drag-and-drop interfaces and pre-built templates, users can create or modify applications, workflows, and processes, enhancing flexibility and responsiveness. This approach not only speeds up deployment and adaptation but also empowers non-technical staff to contribute to the development of tailored solutions, ensuring that the software aligns closely with the specific requirements of the organization.

What Cloud Service Providers are compatible with our product (DefenseReady/FederalReady)?

Our solution is compatible with major cloud service providers, particularly those that meet military, federal, and civilian sectors’s IL5 and IL6 cloud security requirements, such as Microsoft Azure.

How does our solution leverage cloud technology for enhanced performance?

Our solution utilizes cloud technology for scalability, reliability, and high availability, ensuring optimal performance even during high-demand periods.

Can our solution be hosted on a private cloud?

Yes, Our solution can be deployed on a private cloud, offering additional control and security for sensitive military operations.

What are the benefits of using our solution on a cloud platform?

Cloud deployment of our solution offers benefits such as reduced infrastructure costs, scalability, improved disaster recovery options, and enhanced security features.

Is our solution compliant with Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)?

Yes, Our solution is compliant with FedRAMP standards, ensuring it meets federal requirements for cloud security and risk management

How does cloud deployment affect the security of our solution?

Cloud deployment can enhance the security of Our solution through advanced cloud security measures, regular security updates, and adherence to strict compliance standards.

Can our solution integrate with other cloud-based systems and services?

Yes, our solution can integrate with various cloud-based systems and services, enhancing its functionality and ensuring seamless operations within the cloud ecosystem.

How does Permuta handle data migration to the cloud for our solution?

Permuta offers comprehensive support for data migration to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud, including data mapping, secure transfer, and validation.

What is the process for updating our solution in a cloud environment?

Updates are managed by Permuta and are typically rolled out automatically to ensure that Our solution remains up-to-date with the latest features and security standards.

Is there any specific training provided for cloud-based deployment of our solution?

Yes, specific training for cloud-based deployment is provided to ensure users are comfortable with the cloud environment and can utilize our solution effectively.

How long does it take to deploy our solution?

The deployment timeline can vary depending on the scale and customization required. However, our solution is designed for rapid deployment, particularly when using standard configurations. We typically can have a deployment, including a bundled Authorization to Operate (ATO), administered in about 3-6 months. More complex environments may take 6-12 months pending integration or migration. Our solution ensures you can be up and running in months, not years.

Can our solution be integrated with existing military systems?

Yes, our solution is built for seamless integration with existing military and defense systems, particularly those within the Microsoft ecosystem, to ensure smooth data flow and system interoperability. We have many customers that utilize our solution with multiple integration sources such as DCPDS, DTS, ESAMS, etc.

Is there any downtime expected during the deployment of our solution?

The deployment of our solution is managed with a rapid yet regimented implementation strategy, which is meticulously designed to ensure the system remains always accessible and usable. We prioritize minimizing downtime during deployment, and any potential downtime that might be necessary will be communicated well in advance. This approach allows for scheduling at times that least impact operations. Furthermore, all updates to the system are executed seamlessly in the background, ensuring that there are no interruptions for users. This method of updating and maintenance ensures that our solution provides continuous, reliable service, aligning with the critical needs of our customers for uninterrupted access and functionality.

What are the hardware and infrastructure requirements for deploying our solution?

The specific hardware and infrastructure requirements depend on the chosen deployment model (cloud-based or on-premises) and the scale of the implementation. These details can be provided as part of the deployment planning process.

What kind of training is provided post-deployment?

Post-deployment, comprehensive training is provided to ensure users are proficient in using our solution. This includes hands-on training, documentation, and ongoing support.

Is there a trial period available before full-scale deployment?

While the specifics of a trial period may vary, potential customers can discuss options for a pilot program or phased deployment to evaluate the software’s effectiveness before a full-scale rollout.

How does Permuta handle software updates and upgrades post-deployment?

Permuta manages software updates and upgrades to ensure that our solution remains up-to-date with the latest features and security standards. The process is handled with minimal disruption to the users.

Do we have to purchase all the features of the solution?

No, you do not have to purchase all the features of the solution. Our product is designed to be modular and customizable, allowing you to select and integrate only the capabilities that align with your specific needs. This flexibility ensures that you can tailor the solution to meet your operational requirements without the necessity of investing in functionalities that are not relevant to your organization. It’s a cost-effective approach that also simplifies implementation and training, focusing on the tools and features that provide the most value to your operations.

How many users currently use the system?

Currently, our product is utilized by over 30,000 active federal employees. These users actively engage with the various functionalities of our system, leveraging its comprehensive capabilities to enhance their overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of users for the solution?

There is no strict minimum or maximum number of users for our solution, as it is designed with scalability in mind. This flexibility allows it to effectively cater to a wide range of organizational sizes, from small teams to large enterprise-scale operations. Our current customer base is diverse, encompassing various sizes and types of organizations. They utilize our solution for an array of functions, including HR, security, compliance, and more. This adaptability ensures that whether you are a small unit or a large federal agency, our solution can be scaled and customized to meet your specific needs and user count.

We have a current solution we like do we need to replace it?

No, it is not necessary to replace your current solution when adopting ours. Our approach is to augment rather than replace. We enhance human intelligence by providing tools that enable you to be proactive in your day-to-day work. Our system is designed to augment your existing systems by consolidating and curating data, coupled with tools that support and streamline decision-making. While our solution has the capability to replace existing systems if needed, this is not a requisite for its implementation. We focus on complementing and integrating with your current solutions to optimize efficiency and effectiveness without disrupting the systems you already find valuable.

Is this a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) solution?

Yes, our solution is a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS) product. This means it’s a ready-made solution that can be easily implemented and adapted to meet the specific requirements of military or federal/civilian agencies. Our COTS products are designed with flexibility and user-friendliness in mind, offering an array of features and functionalities that address various aspects of workforce management, training, security, and more, without the need for extensive customization or long development times.

What is the difference between DefenseReady & FederalReady?

DefenseReady and FederalReady are distinct solutions, each tailored to meet specific needs while sharing the core approach of tracking human, hardware, and process elements. Though there are many similarities between the two, the decision to split them into two separate products was based on the recognition that each sector – defense and federal civilian agencies – has unique requirements, and a one-size-fits-all solution would not provide the optimal readiness product.

DefenseReady is specifically designed for the U.S. Department of Defense (military, federal, and civilian sectors) and related military services. Its core functionalities are deeply integrated with military operational needs, focusing on aspects such as comprehensive workforce management, training, asset management, and operational readiness. It addresses the unique challenges and requirements of the military, federal, and civilian sectorsand military services, enhancing their ability to manage and maintain readiness for various missions and operations.
On the other hand, FederalReady caters to federal civilian agencies. While it also tracks human resources, hardware, and processes, it is tailored to the specific workflows, compliance requirements, and operational structures of civilian government agencies. This solution is more focused on aspects such as HR management, talent acquisition, and civilian agency-specific asset management.

By splitting into two focused solutions, DefenseReady and FederalReady each provide a more precise and effective tool for their respective users, ensuring that both military and civilian entities have access to a product that is not just effective but also closely aligned with their distinct operational environments and needs.