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Our solution incorporates robust solutions for managing financial aspects within the Military, Federal, and Civilian sectors. This specialized platform is adept at addressing the unique financial challenges in military, federal, and civilian settings, ensuring efficient financial operations and compliance. Here’s how Permuta handles Budgetary in its solution and what is offered:

Streamlined Financial Management in Military, Federal, and Civilian Operations

Centralized Financial Data

Our solution provides a unified system for managing financial data, including budgeting, expenditures, and payroll.

Real-Time Budget Tracking

Offers real-time visibility into budget allocations, expenditures, and remaining funds, crucial for effective financial planning and control.

Contract management

Manage contract details, and track associated contractors

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Enhanced Efficiency and Accountability in Financial Operations:

Automated Financial Processes

Streamlines financial processes like allocations, expense tracking, reducing manual effort and errors.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Facilitates detailed financial reporting and analytics, providing insights into financial performance and trends.

Government issued Credit Cards

Tracks various types of government and commercial credit cards, including Government Travel Cards, Government Purchase Cards, and their associated statements.

Solving Key Challenges in Military, Federal, and Civilian Financial Management

Resource Allocation and Utilization

Optimizes the allocation and utilization of financial resources, aligning them with mission requirements and operational priorities.

Cost Control and Financial Transparency

Enhances cost control mechanisms and promotes financial transparency across the organization.

Risk Management and Financial Security

Implements robust risk management strategies, safeguarding financial assets and data security.

Integrated Financial Decision-Making

Integrates financial data into broader operational decision-making, ensuring a holistic approach to resource management.


Our solution provides a central repository of data regarding a broad variety of financial issues, including contracts and related contractors, Budget and allocations, Special Pay, and government credit and purchase cards.