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Permuta Technologies significantly empowers the Defense market with its DefenseReady suite, offering a multifaceted approach to address the unique challenges faced by the Department of Defense (military, federal, and civilian sectors) and related military services. Here’s how Permuta’s solutions facilitate operations within the Defense market:

Streamlined Workforce Management and Security

DefenseReady provides a comprehensive solution for managing the military, federal, and civilian sectorsworkforce, from personnel tracking across all service branches to the management of billets, vacancies, and candidates. This ensures that the military maintains a ready and efficient force structure. Additionally, Permuta emphasizes security within its development lifecycle, adhering to best practices and standards like the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) and FedRAMP, NIST compliance. This ensures the security and privacy of customer data and applications, a critical need within the Defense market ​​.


Compliance and Security Standards

Permuta’s platform and operational procedures are designed to meet DISA SRG IL5 compliance framework requirements, crucial for military, federal, and civilian sectorsoperations. The Dynamics 365 US Government military, federal, and civilian sectorsdeployment option provided by Permuta enables military, federal, and civilian sectorscustomers to leverage Azure AD Government for identity management, ensuring compliance with ITAR and DFARS acquisition regulations. This level of compliance and security is vital for protecting sensitive military data and operations​​.

Enhancing Decision-Making and Operational Efficiency

With 180,000 development hours invested, DefenseReady stands as the definitive solution for military workforce management, refining processes and meeting military, federal, and civilian sectorssecurity benchmarks. The suite empowers leaders with instant decision-making capabilities, ensuring optimal alignment of personnel and positions. This dedication to crafting bespoke military solutions promptly demonstrates Permuta’s commitment to agile, compliant, and efficient solutions tailored to the defense market’s unique operational demands​​.

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Permuta Technologies, through its DefenseReady suite, provides an unparalleled combination of workforce management, security compliance, and operational efficiency tools specifically designed for the Defense market. By integrating these solutions, Permuta supports the military, federal, and civilian sectorsin maintaining a high state of readiness, ensuring secure and compliant operations, and facilitating effective decision-making processes. This comprehensive support underlines Permuta’s role as a crucial ally in the military, federal, and civilian sectors’s mission to protect and serve, highlighting its commitment to delivering innovative and reliable software solutions that meet the stringent demands of military operations.