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As a software company with over 20 proven years of experience, Permuta delivers cutting edge, cloud-optional, easy-to-use COTS products designed for military or federal civilian agencies to solve for the disparate challenges of workforce management, asset management, Covid compliance management, and more.

Permuta offers application bundles, such as DefenseReady for the military, or FederalReady for civilian agencies which can be acquired through a variety of contract vehicles and which can be run on premise or hosted in a FedRAMPed IL6 DoD cloud or lower.

The outcomes for our customers are streamlined processes, improved efficiencies, manpower savings, and most importantly, a common operation picture of an entire workforce (including assets) to better plan for mission or job readiness.

An Open Letter to Current and Future Permuta Customers

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From: Sig Behrens, CEO

After almost 20 years, Permuta has new ownership and with their support, I am humbled and honored to now lead and serve such a great company. From the original founder who has moved on to other ventures, and all the great employees past and present, everyone understands the reason why we wake up every day. We want to make the world a better place through improved outcomes, which has been done, but we know we need to keep improving.

It reminds me of when I joined Microsoft 25 years ago. I thought Microsoft had the best chance to empower people to do amazing things and disrupt the legacy world of over-priced antiquated technology. Microsoft made that a reality. My goal is for Permuta to achieve this as well in our own way. And with our close connection to Microsoft, I know it will happen.

And while Permuta has seen great success serving customers, we are hungry to do more. We now have a new software release which is so much easier to use and faster than our previous versions. The new design has been received very well and carries forward the best functionality from the past, while also constructed with modern, yet compliant technology. We continue to pull in data from multiple silos to give that common operation picture that so many leaders demand.  Our products make operational excellence a reality and we will continue to innovate with you in mind. 

I love to study military history. One of the most accomplished leaders of all time, Alexander the Great, once said, “There is nothing impossible to him who will try.” That is how we will approach new ideas, new products, and service offerings.

We are committed to your success. "Customer centric" is at the top of our company's core values. And these our my humble asks of you. If you ever left us for a competitor, give us another look, we are different. If you are currently a customer, let's make sure you are happy. And if you are still considering us, prepare to be amazed. 

If you have any questions, please engage with your customer support or business development representatives, but do not hesitate to email me directly. I look forward to learning from you (sig.behrens@permuta.com).


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